: RetroHQ :

March 31st 2021, 11:20:05

Louis Rossmann is knocking the right to repair fight up a notch. Bam!

I've followed this for a while, and this is a really interesting turn. A great guy fighting for sanity to prevail in Massachusetts and set a president.

Retro Gamer Stuff

March 30th 2021, 22:43:52

We are giving away an Atari Jaguar GameDrive by @TheRetroHQ. These are highly sought after at the moment!

It's usual like, retweet and follow. Will pick a winner one week from today (6th of April, 8pm GMT).

Good luck!

: RetroHQ :

March 26th 2021, 22:45:21

Argghhhh!! That makes me feel dirty. And not in a good way. 😬
I hear you like chips with non-orthogonal rotations.

Arnaud Carré

March 26th 2021, 16:06:55

: RetroHQ :

March 25th 2021, 13:39:19

Modern consoles are awesome! 😬
Wait, what? 🤨


March 23rd 2021, 22:06:36

I've released the source code of my previous ZX Spectrum game: Castaway.

It isn't great, but it may be an interesting read to some people. I don't know.

Brian Hargrove

March 22nd 2021, 17:15:38

Tomorrow at Noon (CST) orders for the #NeoBiosMasta 2020 and VMC will be open. #NEOGEO

Set your clocks!


March 21st 2021, 22:56:32

We're shipping a large batch of @TheRetroHQ #AtariJaguar GameDrives today! Pictured below is the boxed version, but you can also purchase the Jaguar GameDrive without a box. Get on our waiting list here: #retrogaming #classicgaming #dothemath #Atari


March 18th 2021, 12:40:11

Finally, a good reason to retire the Framemeister. Our scaler has an advanced image processing pipeline and every input you could want for retro gaming.
Many projects in the pipeline that we think you are going to love!

Retro Game Restore

March 18th 2021, 09:12:29

360 now! 140 to go!
We need some more push!!!
The pre-order page of SNES transparent shell is available now.

MOQ is 500, let's make it real!

Super Early Bird pre-order ends on March 7 11:39am TPE time.



March 16th 2021, 22:43:11

My #MISTER2JAMMA prototype is almost finished 😉#MiSTerFPGA

: RetroHQ :

March 15th 2021, 12:54:31

Christ I look old and tired! Lol, well, I guess I am... 😆
I had an absolute blast hanging out with @TheRetroHQ! We talked about his storied history in the game world, his GameDrives and tons of other nerdiness.
It's available as a video and everywhere audio podcasts are found:

: RetroHQ :

March 3rd 2021, 13:53:31

The latest batch of PCB's for the Jaguar GameDrive has arrived!

One random unit tested and working.

Now lots of repetitive programming, casing and packing to be done!

Bob from RetroRGB

March 3rd 2021, 13:00:46

Here's this week's retro gaming roundup! Available as a video and everywhere audio podcasts are found:

Retro Game Restore

March 1st 2021, 14:27:31

The very first sample come in today. the transparent shell for SNES. It looks nice 🙂

anyone wants it? I was told that MOQ is 500 units for this. 😞 i guess it won’t be a easy task this time.

#snes #retrogamer #retrogaming

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