February 26th 2021, 07:12:23

It's finally here!
My very first instructional video on how you can make your own game boxes.
Please bear with mumbling me, I hope the content gets across anyway and isn't too boring.😬
#retrogaming #commodore

Stone Age Gamer

February 26th 2021, 05:00:00

Here's what's on sale for February. Prices are valid TODAY (2/26/21)ONLY!

: RetroHQ :

February 24th 2021, 09:21:34

You know I said I would put a video together showing progress on the CD support? Well, Rees did it... 😆
I've been helping to test the upcoming JagCD support for the RetroHQ JaguarGD flashcart. Now it's at the point where it's mostly working @TheRetroHQ very kindly gave me permission to put a video together. So here it is.

Also big thanks to @jagfumes!


February 22nd 2021, 13:53:16

Contributing to the #MiSTerFPGA can feel daunting, but there are many files that require little technical knowledge. Particularly, MRA files.
Once you have your edit done, you need to make a pull request in GitHub. Here's how:

Matt Smith

February 16th 2021, 19:48:25

Busy ripping CD's to test out the CD support on the Atari Jaguar GD... It's gonna be a long night. @TheRetroHQ

: RetroHQ :

February 16th 2021, 17:09:00

World Tour Racing nearly running... but not quite. It does a lot of stopping and re-initialising of the GPU without any regard for what state my hardware is in! Inconsiderate. 😆

Had enough for one day. Another game working, another nearly. Not too bad.

: RetroHQ :

February 16th 2021, 13:54:01

Some goodies have arrived for the Falcon, thanks to Exxos. Don't think he's in Twitter, but visit if you need Atari computer mods. Loads of great stuff!

: RetroHQ :

February 16th 2021, 13:36:51

Hover Strike now running on Jaguar GameDrive CD.

: RetroHQ :

February 15th 2021, 16:44:46

Music now working too. Neat! I think I'm ready to put this out for a bit of beta testing before release.

Still a few non-runners such as Hover Strike and World Tour Racing, but there's a lot running now, so it's probably a good time for a first release.
Added a workaround! Iron Soldier 2 now seems to be working quite reliably, apart from (yet again), audio. It uses straight CD audio and typically does things differently to everyone else... 😆

: RetroHQ :

February 13th 2021, 22:19:03

Atari Falcon MicroBox030 gerbers. Did this thing ever work, I wonder?

Metal Jesus Rocks

February 12th 2021, 14:47:13

Today I'm talking about my EVERDRIVE & Flash Cart Collection (SNES, N64, SegaCD, Game Boy, NEOGEO, Genesis, etc) - WATCH >> - What Everdrive / Flash carts do you use in your game room?

: RetroHQ :

February 5th 2021, 15:33:03

Random update!!

I'll be shipping my carts with firmware pre-installed from now on.

There's no real reason to force users to install the latest version on first boot, other than it's a good idea.

It's now going to be at the users discretion, using the existing update procedure.

: RetroHQ :

January 21st 2021, 17:07:20

Did someone say they wanted this running? Has to be the most unplayable game ever! And I've been playing Dragons Lair quite a lot. It's strangely compulsive... 🤔

: RetroHQ :

January 18th 2021, 17:49:56

Teaser time! Some pics of games running on the Jaguar GameDrive CD drive simulator. Most games are now running pretty solidly -- getting pretty close to a test build and then public release. 😄

: RetroHQ :

January 8th 2021, 17:39:54

More Jaguar GameDrive CD work today. It's *nearly* running Dragons Lair now. The data throughput isn't quite high enough to stop the video skipping, not sure if I can get around this yet!

: RetroHQ :

January 7th 2021, 18:42:05

More fun with CD emulation on the JagGD today. More games now *beginning* to boot. Still plenty of issues to iron out, but things are progressing. CD audio still being weird, even though it's sortof working....

: RetroHQ :

January 6th 2021, 16:54:23

I've done some handy things on the JagGD in the last few days. I now have a virtual com port which spews out debug logs from the cart in real-time. Bloody awesome! And I now have Blue Lightening running on CD as well, although not entirely stable and without CD audio! 😄

: RetroHQ :

January 4th 2021, 09:05:24

A pretty thorough overview of Jag GameDrive! Glad you're enjoying it. 😄
Our video review of the @TheRetroHQ Jaguar Game Drive Flash Cartridge is now online at

: RetroHQ :

December 26th 2020, 15:27:09

Merry Christmas folks! It's time to kick back and make things which don't involve a soldering iron for a change. 😆

Stone Age Gamer

December 22nd 2020, 21:00:00

Whether you have the cool blue camouflage or the classic silver, your NeoGeo Pocket will love the NeoPocket GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ Grab yours here:

Stone Age Gamer

December 21st 2020, 21:00:00

All your Lynx games in one convenient place. Save $10 on the Atari Lynx GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ for a limited time!

Sam Zeloof

December 18th 2020, 22:25:58

want to support DIY semiconductor fab efforts? I’m selling a homemade chip from the first batch. I gave a few to close friends & family, you will have 1 of <10 out there. Lots of tools and parts to buy, your money will be well spent!!

: RetroHQ :

December 17th 2020, 21:10:23

JagGD PCB's arrived today, they will be built up over the next few days ready to be shipped out Monday so retailers will FINALLY get their hands on them next week. More stock will be coming toward the end of January.

: RetroHQ :

December 4th 2020, 10:32:45

It's nearly Christmas, and in keeping with tradition, I like to give away a cart to one lucky sole! This year we have a Jaguar GameDrive up for grabs!

To enter...
1. Follow RetroHQ on Twitter
2. Retweet this post
3. Tag a friend

A winner will be announced on 11th December 2020!


December 1st 2020, 14:33:36

NeoGeo cartridge PCM chip repro tested and working !
Uses a pretty @oshpark flex PCB and a rather large CPLD so it won't be the cheapest repro around, but it'll save games with crackling or missing audio.
Will get a few stocked up for sale on Tindie later on this month.

Lawrence Staveley

November 30th 2020, 06:59:24

Biopede high-score competition!

Loïc *WydD* Petit

November 29th 2020, 18:19:27

Finally, after 7 months of intensive work, I can finally present my latest reverse project: the DL-0921 aka CPS-B-21 😄

This is the brain of the C-board on CPS1 and is found on the A-board on CPS2.

You can find all the schematics and documentation here

: RetroHQ :

November 26th 2020, 17:57:34

Many thanks for @rickr000 for lending me his Lynx to fix this issue! It's only applicable to early Lynx 2 machines, and you'll know if you're affected. The menu will just be a black screen. 😄

This is an interesting hardware incompatibility with LCD mods and old Lynx 2's.

: RetroHQ :

November 26th 2020, 17:57:34

A new firmware update is available for the Lynx GD. Boot your Lynx, hit OPT1 and visit the link to update your cart!

== Firmware 1.04 ==
Fix for the menu not displaying at all (black screen) on old revision Lynx 2 PCB's. The BIOS does not initialise MIKEY properly.

Stone Age Gamer

November 18th 2020, 21:00:01

Got a Neo Geo Pocket with nothing new to play on it? Why not try the NeoPocket GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ?

: RetroHQ :

November 18th 2020, 13:38:18

How you can turn a load of pretty colours into functional hardware is tantamount to witchcraft! It's a good thing we're not in the 17th century... 😆

Amazing stuff. 😄
100% ! 🎉
Now updating schematic

: RetroHQ :

November 5th 2020, 08:54:25

The Lynx GameDrive is back in stock in the UK at @RetroGamerStuff and @retrotowers. You can also pick up a NeoPocket GameDrive while you are there as well. 😄

And before anyone asks, yes, the Jaguar GameDrive will be following in a few weeks. 😆

Buffalo Pinball

November 3rd 2020, 18:12:14

Stoked to upgrade the Jaguar kiosk with a Jag GD from @TheRetroHQ! Time to load it up with games. 👍👍

: RetroHQ :

October 26th 2020, 10:31:35

Awesome work! 😄
CPLD based NEO-D0 repro tested and working !

: RetroHQ :

October 2nd 2020, 13:42:17

This handy device turns un-programmed Jaguar GameDrive boards into fully tested, working and registered devices at the press of a large red button.

Useful, huh? 😄

I'm off to press the big red button repeatedly.... 😁

Aᴛᴀʀɪ 😻 Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

October 1st 2020, 11:06:00

💥 News 💥

Solderless, drop in Lynx(II) LCD kit PCB’s are assembled

#AtariLynx #GamingNews #RetroConsoles #RetroGames #RetroGamingNews #WPUGamers #HardwareMods #HardwareHacking

Super Nicktendo 🎮

September 30th 2020, 20:00:00

New Video is live right now. I take a look at the Game Drive from Retro HQ. It's a great way to unlock the potential of the Atari Lynx!

Stone Age Gamer

September 30th 2020, 14:00:01

The NeoPocket GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ is in stock now at Stone Age Gamer.

: RetroHQ :

September 7th 2020, 16:24:31

For UK customers, Retro Towers and Retro Gamer Stuff now carry the RetroHQ Lynx and NeoGeo Pocket carts.

: RetroHQ :

September 1st 2020, 09:37:39

The Lynx GameDrive is now available for purchase at DragonBox and Retro Towers will be supplying UK customers before long! 😄

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