: RetroHQ :

November 5th 2020, 08:54:25

The Lynx GameDrive is back in stock in the UK at @RetroGamerStuff and @retrotowers. You can also pick up a NeoPocket GameDrive while you are there as well. 😄

And before anyone asks, yes, the Jaguar GameDrive will be following in a few weeks. 😆

Buffalo Pinball

November 3rd 2020, 18:12:14

Stoked to upgrade the Jaguar kiosk with a Jag GD from @TheRetroHQ! Time to load it up with games. 👍👍

: RetroHQ :

October 26th 2020, 10:31:35

Awesome work! 😄
CPLD based NEO-D0 repro tested and working !

: RetroHQ :

October 2nd 2020, 13:42:17

This handy device turns un-programmed Jaguar GameDrive boards into fully tested, working and registered devices at the press of a large red button.

Useful, huh? 😄

I'm off to press the big red button repeatedly.... 😁

Aᴛᴀʀɪ 😻 Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

October 1st 2020, 11:06:00

💥 News 💥

Solderless, drop in Lynx(II) LCD kit PCB’s are assembled

#AtariLynx #GamingNews #RetroConsoles #RetroGames #RetroGamingNews #WPUGamers #HardwareMods #HardwareHacking

Super Nicktendo 🎮

September 30th 2020, 20:00:00

New Video is live right now. I take a look at the Game Drive from Retro HQ. It's a great way to unlock the potential of the Atari Lynx!


Stone Age Gamer

September 30th 2020, 14:00:01

The NeoPocket GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ is in stock now at Stone Age Gamer.

: RetroHQ :

September 7th 2020, 16:24:31

For UK customers, Retro Towers and Retro Gamer Stuff now carry the RetroHQ Lynx and NeoGeo Pocket carts.

: RetroHQ :

September 1st 2020, 09:37:39

The Lynx GameDrive is now available for purchase at DragonBox and Retro Towers will be supplying UK customers before long! 😄

: RetroHQ :

August 18th 2020, 11:02:48

Awesome video of surface tension causing parts to align! I never realised quite how effective it was... 🙂
The surface be tense

Stone Age Gamer

August 14th 2020, 19:00:00

Get the most our of your NeoGeo Pocket Color with the NeopPocket GameDrive from @TheRetroHQ, now available at Stone Age Gamer.


July 30th 2020, 10:21:19

Holy moly, @TheRetroHQ Jaguar GameDrive flashcart is a wonderful piece of kit!

: RetroHQ :

July 28th 2020, 20:01:11

Made a handy shell for the mwp-606 adding EIC connector and switch!

: RetroHQ :

July 28th 2020, 12:24:18

Well, I wasn't expecting this. Twin Cobra starting to boot without the bad sound sram in there! Replacement ordered... 😄

: RetroHQ :

July 28th 2020, 08:18:42

Tracing through the video generation circuitry, there's something happening. There seems to be some kind of video enable signal which is disabled and floating high, forcing low gets some crap on the screen with good sync, so *some* of it is working.
What's next in the arcade PCB lucky dip?! This one has some water damage, needs a good clean before powering up...

TAITO original at least! 😆 TP011

: RetroHQ :

July 27th 2020, 17:55:18

Ok, so it's Twin Cobra. Now that's worth saving... 😄

Given it a clean up, one of the legs of the EPROMs snapped off while pulling it due to corrosion. New leg from the dead Final Fight SRAM transplanted. 😄

68000 and Z80 running, but no video or audio.
What's next in the arcade PCB lucky dip?! This one has some water damage, needs a good clean before powering up...

TAITO original at least! 😆 TP011

: RetroHQ :

July 27th 2020, 16:12:33

What's next in the arcade PCB lucky dip?! This one has some water damage, needs a good clean before powering up...

TAITO original at least! 😆 TP011

: RetroHQ :

July 27th 2020, 15:52:50

Another arcade board fixed! And Final Fight, too... 😄

Apparently you can get away with a 70ns SRAM in place of the 35ns used for the linebuffer.

Need to give it a proper test, may get some glitches and need to replace with a faster SRAM, but looks solid to me!

: RetroHQ :

July 25th 2020, 15:49:36

I never knew I even had final fight! May be a bootleg? Graphic corruption on sprites...

: RetroHQ :

July 25th 2020, 12:00:03

Woot! Running fully -- no audio was as simple as the volume pot being oxidised. Quick twiddle and we're good!

I felt like @GadgetUK164 with my systematic sleuthing. 😆 I might actually have to video some repairs, I find watching Gadget's repair videos bizarrely relaxing. 😄
Aha! 74LS08 replaced and it's now running! Although no audio, so more to track down...

: RetroHQ :

July 15th 2020, 09:06:06

Now that is remarkably cool. And I do like lego.... and it would look great on display.... argh! I bet it's going to be expensive.
LEGO has created a 2,600-piece replicate of the NES. It's crazy accurate and even has an interactive TV displaying Super Mario Bros

: RetroHQ :

July 13th 2020, 20:02:27

The ZX81 was obviously waaay ahead of its time! Wipe that baby down with isopropyl alcohol and you’re virus and bacteria woes are no more.
These horrors are the worst thing that's ever been invented.

: RetroHQ :

July 13th 2020, 19:58:44

Top tip!
I was looking for precision round socket pins for the low profile speeddos adapter. No chance to find a cheap solution. Today, I found out, that it is fairly easy to push them out of the precision sockets with tweezers from the bottom side.

: RetroHQ :

July 12th 2020, 21:10:07

Very fair overview! The NGP system is tied to flash memory very tightly, which is why I use it, but the flash itself is slow to write to, hence the slow write times. And yes, that’s why it has as large a flash memory as I could fit in the device! 😉
I checked out the NeoPocket by @TheRetroHQ for the @SNKPofficial Neo Geo Pocket Color! Thanks @StoneAgeGamer for the hook up.


: RetroHQ :

July 9th 2020, 15:40:50

If anyone is after a NeoPocket GameDrive cartridge, they are in stock at both @StoneAgeGamer and @DragonBoxShop right now!


July 3rd 2020, 12:27:37

Just updated my NeoPocket GD case to the new style case.
Very easy to do, and its a well worth upgrade. It feels better, looks more like a real cart, and its easier to remove.
Thanks @TheRetroHQ!

: RetroHQ :

June 27th 2020, 19:59:13

The WonderSwan really is an undertapped gem of a machine, you know?

Hardware wise it’s pretty much what I thought the NeoGeo Pocket should have been. It’s almost up there with the GameBoy Advance.

And all run off 1AA battery! Crazy.

: RetroHQ :

June 26th 2020, 20:54:19

That’s pretty funky. 🤔
TILEKIT - A tilemap editor centered around pattern-based auto tiling

>> <<

A.J. Rosa

June 26th 2020, 20:51:40

Just reviewed the Game Drive for Atari Jaguar from @TheRetroHQ. Not to spoil the video for you, but it's fucking awesome! #Atari #RETROGAMING

David Gaxiola

June 25th 2020, 23:03:51

My Lynx GameDrive by @TheRetroHQ arrived today. It's a great upgrade over its predecessor, the LynxSD, with a nicer menu, much faster boot & game load times, & new features like EEPROM compatible game saves. Thanks @AtariAge for getting it shipped so quickly!


June 19th 2020, 22:19:06

From 00:01 UK time you can preorder our 1st #amiga game here. please help spread the word #retrogames


June 17th 2020, 23:48:50

Just received the first batch of #AtariLynx GameDrive cartridges from @TheRetroHQ! We'll be working to get these out to people this week. Get on the waiting list here: #retrogaming #classicgaming

: RetroHQ :

June 16th 2020, 06:27:19

I've not listened to the podcast before. It's good! 🙂
#ICYMI On last week's podcast, Dan and Kris hit up the May 10 20 30 40, covering everythign from Ninja Gaiden II to #pacman40th

Retro Video Gamer

June 16th 2020, 05:10:58

RVG Interviews: Stoo Cambridge. #retrogaming #retrogames #gamersunite

Rod Hull - www.tfw8b.com

June 15th 2020, 21:22:50

I think we can all agree, the divMMC Future is a bit of a looker. #FACT
#DeadFlesh #Speccy #Koolkidz


June 15th 2020, 18:22:48

We've received a large batch of Seagull 78 controller adapters from Edladdin! These allow you to use any #SegaGenesis controller with the #Atari7800, a big improvement over the stock controllers! You can learn more here: #retrogaming #classicgaming #atari


June 12th 2020, 10:22:48

Coming soon. Bookmark the link to reserve yours people. #retrogames
Two more weeks until we start shipping these boxes with nice cartridges inside.
Would you like to receive one from the first batch? Follow this link:

: RetroHQ :

June 12th 2020, 09:19:55

The Lynx GameDrive is just about to begin shipping, so here's a first look at the new features of the cart.

New SLS shell which fits in Lynx 1&2
Multiple preview screenshots per game
Very fast loading of games and screenshots
Cheat / trainer system!


June 10th 2020, 22:05:32

Coming soon to an #amiga near you. Pre-orders open on the 20th June



Aᴛᴀʀɪ 😻 Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

June 9th 2020, 23:14:05

💥 News 💥

Unstable Warpfield LiPo battery addon board for Atari Lynx almost ready for production

#AtariLynx #GamingNews #RetroConsoles #RetroGames #RetroGamingNews #WPUGamers #HardwareHacking #LiPo #HardwareMods

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