: RetroHQ :

May 22nd 2020, 08:08:21

Is the Jaguar GameDrive still happening? I hear you ask. Why, yes. Yes it is.

: RetroHQ :

May 21st 2020, 13:28:08

I've just recieved my copy of Chronicles of Nanako from @BitmapSoft, a rather cool looking puzzle platformer by the @mojon_twins! Now to find time to play it... 😆

Check out for more of these kinds of new retro goodies! 😄

: RetroHQ :

May 1st 2020, 15:03:55

I've been hard at work tidying up the Lynx GameDrive menu ready for launch! It now has full support for multiple preview images per game, which load practically instantaniously. You can browse your Lynx games by screenshot now! Very nice. 😄


April 29th 2020, 20:09:24

On the fence about our little orange friend? Head over to the @TheRetroHQ website and try the free version on your #AtariJaguar #GameDrive or #Skunkboard Then head over to our webshop and take him home. #OnlyInOrange

: RetroHQ :

April 27th 2020, 20:24:40

I remember having, and loading games from, one of these flexidiscs on a ZX Spectrum back in the day! Came in one of the speccy magazines. Funky idea, I guess at this point in time cassettes were relatively expensive?
The Floppy ROM flexidisc from Interface Age magazine May 1977.

: RetroHQ :

April 27th 2020, 09:17:50

Very good game from both technical and playability standpoints. With demo scene roots, which shines though. 😄
"Obsession", a pinball game developed and published by Unique Development Sweden in 1994 for the Atari STE on video here : youtube.com/watch?v=MucIEf… #retrogaming #AtariSTE #Atari

Lawrence Staveley

April 25th 2020, 03:37:45

Updated the DragonKeep ROM to show your final score and keep - which was kind of important for the High Score Competition on AtarAge.

Are you entering?

: RetroHQ :

April 21st 2020, 17:03:50

Awesome! 😄

The NeoPocket GameDrive finally available at a retailer near you! Assuming you're in the USA... 😉

Now to conquer Europe.
The NeoPocket GameDrive from
@TheRetroHQ is now available at Stone Age Gamer!

Eric Chahi

April 18th 2020, 22:09:26

How this #AnotherWorld sequence was made ? Here is the original shooting from 1990 used for #rotoscoping !

#EricChahi #indiedev

Matt Smith

April 18th 2020, 12:28:47

Super excited at being able to playtest the new Lynx GD from @TheRetroHQ . Good things do come in little packages!

: RetroHQ :

April 17th 2020, 17:19:14

My LynxGD test hardware can now talk to the internet, thanks to one of these magic little devices!

Super cobbled 3.3V reg and level shifting doing its magic. 👌

This speeds up production and testing yet more... 😄

: RetroHQ :

April 13th 2020, 15:30:09

Lets play spot the hamster! Apparently they can be found roaming retro computer shelves while relaxing...

: RetroHQ :

April 4th 2020, 19:15:50

My 464Plus disc upgrade with internal HxC mod is complete! And looking pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. 😆

Lawrence Staveley

April 4th 2020, 01:01:59

New Jaguar game release!

More info here:


Bob from RetroRGB

April 1st 2020, 07:09:32

This week's retro gaming roundup is live!
Check it out on YouTube, LBRY, Bitchute and everywhere audio podcasts can be found:

: RetroHQ :

March 31st 2020, 10:21:37

This years Atari Lynx programming competition! Last years 30th birthday extravaganza produced such amazing entries it's happening again... 😄
📜 New Page 📜

Lynx 2020 Programming Competition

#AtariLynx #RetroConsoles #RetroGames #RetroGamingNews #WPUGamers #GameDev #RetroDev #RetroGameDev #IndieGames #ItchIO

: RetroHQ :

March 30th 2020, 17:48:10

I love Rod Land! Someone make this happen! 😄
I'm looking for a coder for #RodLand remake on #amstradcpc Plus/GX4000. Please help if you know someone interested. It would be a great game for the Plus/GX4000, fully feasible !

Spread the word ! And thank you for your help !

#amstrad #RETROGAMING #pixelart

: RetroHQ :

March 28th 2020, 18:49:00

Now case mods and HxC fitting!! This went really well, apart from the odd bridged via causing the HxC to stop working briefly! 😬LCD and main HxC board mounted in brackets in the top case. Buttons next...

: RetroHQ :

March 27th 2020, 15:45:53

Lynx GameDrive Production PCB built up and tested. All looking good! Final bit of testing and these will start to go into production... finally! The website is being updated with product and distributor details as they come online. @AtariAge @DragonBoxShop

: RetroHQ :

March 23rd 2020, 17:45:50

Disk related chips and passives populated. It now defaults to disc mode in basic!!! This means it has found the FDC. Just waiting on an IDC connector for the floppy drive now. 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 23rd 2020, 16:09:09

The 464Plus upgrade project continues! 64K RAM upgrade installed and tested. Now onto the floppy components! 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 23rd 2020, 13:42:24

The post today has been awesome! This looks beautiful... ☺

: RetroHQ :

March 23rd 2020, 12:23:58

And the winner is @NoMouthMustStrm!!

Drop me a DM and let me know your mailing address and I'll get your prize posted out to you. 😄

(draw-ID: o7Sa0EEh) #Tweetdraw

Drive away the isolation blues! Up for grabs is a RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive CLASSIC cartridge for the Lynx Mk II.

To enter...
1. Follow RetroHQ on Twitter
2. Retweet this post
3. Tag a friend

A winner will be announced on 23rd March 2020!

: RetroHQ :

March 23rd 2020, 12:18:53

New instruction leaflets arrived. These should be selling again shortly! Hurrah! 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 22nd 2020, 17:08:51

What game and character does this remind you of? First correct answer wins the prize of smugness. 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 20th 2020, 17:46:43

About 2/3 of the through holes have been cleared ready for sockets! What a seriously tedious job. And I'm getting some stubborn solder, too. 😖 Going to break out the desolder station to give that a try on the rest!! 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 20th 2020, 10:27:04

The RetroHQ lockdown challenge. Can I convert this CPC464+ into a CPC6128+ with HxC before the kids go back to school?

What's your lockdown challenge? 😄

: RetroHQ :

March 18th 2020, 11:46:45

Any schematics will help with new cores for MiSTer, etc, so well worth having a hunt if you think you have any!
Do you have diagram schematics for arcade games? If so, please contact me.
Not interested in diagrams for CRT monitors.
Not interested in diagrams already available for download in the web.

: RetroHQ :

March 16th 2020, 16:22:56


Drive away the isolation blues! Up for grabs is a RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive CLASSIC cartridge for the Lynx Mk II.

To enter...
1. Follow RetroHQ on Twitter
2. Retweet this post
3. Tag a friend

A winner will be announced on 23rd March 2020!

Ken Shirriff

March 16th 2020, 16:10:55

I like the geometric layout of this chip from a Soyuz space clock, so I wrote a blog post explaining how it works. Although the Soviet Union cloned many Western chips, this NAND gate chip has some creative features. The clock is full of surface-mount TTL.

: RetroHQ :

March 13th 2020, 10:40:04

The Pyra is a funky pocket sized PC device, for those who don't know about it!
1000 Pyra cases have just arrived 🙂 #pyra-handheld

: RetroHQ :

March 11th 2020, 10:16:34

Time to celebrate those who give to the community! It's amazing how much time and effort is put into these niche efforts. I salute you, sirs. 😄
10 years ago (and 4 days) we released ULS to allow easy creation of bootable, encrypted Jaguar CDs used for homebrew loading.

: RetroHQ :

March 8th 2020, 13:42:08

1/2: I wondered how feasible useful verlet simulation would be on the Jaguar GPU. I think, pretty possible. This is using 10.6 fixed point and some SIMD by having both X&Y packed into one register. Distance is via 16 section linear approximation.

: RetroHQ :

March 3rd 2020, 15:49:23

Wow, that picture brings back memories! That was one of the first games I had on the Spectrum as well. May have even been the first...
This was the first game I very owned. April 1984. What was your first game your ever purchased ? #retrogames #retrogaming

: RetroHQ :

March 2nd 2020, 18:18:14

Finally getting to doing Jaguar GD stuff again! Woo! I'm basically now waiting on things for the Lynx and NeoPocket GD's, so I've just laid up the programmer / tester device for the Jag GD. Things are moving ever closer. Albeit at a moderately fast snails pace...

: RetroHQ :

March 1st 2020, 19:20:00

Played this a lot as a kid. I’m pretty sure the cpu opponents cheated quite badly... 😆

Very pretty game. It was one of the reasons I upgraded from a speccy to an ST.
Defender of the Crown intro 👑
Any fans of the game? 🛡

Lawrence Staveley

February 27th 2020, 10:45:30

Work progresses nicely on Gravitic Mines - Here's the "Heavy Explosive Training" level...

: RetroHQ :

February 24th 2020, 12:59:43

The final Lynx GameDrive cartridge shell. Really pleased with how this came out both from and aesthetic and functional standpoint!

: RetroHQ :

February 23rd 2020, 11:16:52

Now, this would be very nice too see! The Reboot guys have done a great job with the Bitmap Brothers IP working with Mike Montgomery, so it’s not some random fan request. It will happen given the go-ahead! 😄
Mr Braben, Sir @DavidBraben would you be able to assist at all in getting a limited & licensed run of your great game "Virus" released on the Atari Jaguar?

: RetroHQ :

February 21st 2020, 23:45:04

Not a BGA in sight!! Gives that perfect retro look. 😄
Net Yaroze DTL-H3002 (PAL version) motherboard

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