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January 31st 2019, 16:01:20

Surfing, Lynx style!! 🤘🏻
scene 1/2 for @Hardcuore1 's #verão90 intro, inspired by California Games 🌊🌊🌊

: RetroHQ :

January 31st 2019, 13:07:43

I'm sure I've seen that happen in games before and just thought "buggy crap". Now... when it's real life.... wtf? How has that dog glitched out? Are we actually in the matrix after all? 😱

: RetroHQ :

January 30th 2019, 22:45:30

@sazzledoom @gamingmuso Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2! I say this mostly because it's the only published gameboy advance game I worked on, but it's also good, as I remember! 😆 Really nice little handheld.

: RetroHQ :

January 30th 2019, 22:31:12

I don't get the point of the spectrum next myself, but the sheer aesthetics of the case are amazingly alluring. It's got that nostalgic-yet-new vibe which I can't help but love. Maybe I need one just to hang on the wall? 🤔
The ZX Spectrum Next keyboard meets the ZX Spectrum Next case.
Folks, this isn't a render, this is IT! 😍

: RetroHQ :

January 30th 2019, 21:51:38

Wow, this really is very good! A full on mod tracker in your browser... and it even works on my crappy old iPad!!
New release of BassoonTracker is done - Old School Music Tracker in your browser.
Most noticeable new features: Fasttracker XM support ( Yeah Baby! ) , Dropbox support, mp3 export and more:

: RetroHQ :

January 25th 2019, 15:32:11

Sweet, more Jaguar goodness!
The Last Strike update:

Testing is proceeding well, a couple of minor tweaks to game play balance and some of the graphics have been made. It is looking very much like we might be at a final build.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work testing, and all the positive comments!

: RetroHQ :

January 23rd 2019, 10:22:21

New physical releases coming for old machines! Awesome. 😲
Bitmap Soft are pleased to announce the free release of RVG Blast 2 available now at . #retrogaming #atari

: RetroHQ :

January 21st 2019, 21:59:02

Quite honestly, who wouldn't? 😆 I've said it before, but the Lynx is an amazing piece of hardware. It could actually render textured polygons in hardware in 1989! Amazing bit of kit.
Thanks to everyone who voted! Looks like I’ll start adding some #programming articles in the future! 👨🏼‍💻👾🕹 #HomebrewGames #AtariLynx

: RetroHQ :

January 16th 2019, 22:43:06

@nnja Mmmmm, bloobs.

: RetroHQ :

January 15th 2019, 21:03:08

Now that is a beautiful thing...
Evening all #UpcycledHour Thought I would start 2019 the way I mean to carry on! Here's this weeks little creation, managed to fit in an old pair of fire tongues in there!

: RetroHQ :

January 14th 2019, 23:34:15

Coffee has been getting some good press recently! ☕

And the actual coffee grounds you throw away contain a higher concentration of antioxidants than the brew. Not nice to eat, mind. Tastes like grit.
Consumption of dark roast coffee brew (500 ml/day) for 1 month caused a 23% reduction in DNA damage which is known to accelerate the aging process and can lead to cancer (randomized controlled trial).

: RetroHQ :

January 14th 2019, 23:13:33

This looks awesome. Massive CRPG fan, and I'm sure there is a load of great stuff out there I have missed!!
The CRPG Book: A Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games is now available to pre-order! Follow the links below...

🇬🇧 UK store:
🇺🇸 US store:


January 14th 2019, 19:00:21

These new #AtariJaguar pro-controllers are great, and with more #amiga / #AtariST mice supported games coming out, the adapter is a must have. #RetroGaming
We've added some Jaguar hardware to the AtariAge Store: the new Jaguar Pro Controllers and Atari ST / Amiga mouse adapters. Several games currently include mouse support, with more coming in the future! #AtariJaguar #Atari #RetroGaming #ClassicGaming

: RetroHQ :

January 13th 2019, 23:18:55

@Link2076 Ahhhh, Devpac! I have very fond memories of coding in Devpac. Always hit Alt+S before running, as there is a good chance my code will kill the system! 😄 MIPS and ARM are also nice. Did some good optimising in ARM on the GBA... conditional opcode execution is cool.

: RetroHQ :

January 13th 2019, 09:06:43

Omg! It gets better. 68000 is, hands down, the best assembly language ever! Very flexible addressing modes make it a joy to program in. I was fluent in 68k by the age of about 14 I think... 😆
@TheRetroHQ Thanks for the retweet!
I also have a 68000 series:

: RetroHQ :

January 11th 2019, 19:52:23

If you don't know assembly language, take a look! Knowing a few different assembly languages is something I take for granted, but a lot of people don't know anything about assembler these days.
New on Youtube! Learn 6502 Assembly Lesson 2 - Addressing modes on the 6502

: RetroHQ :

January 10th 2019, 23:09:59

Wow, that mechanical master time clock is a thing of beauty!! 😍
Recently I was given old mechanical master time clock to convert into a Nixie clock for someone, it turned out really well. So I've found another one, that sits in a glass fronted wooden case, currently no new owner yet 🙂 #Mechanical #clock #Maker #Steampunk #Kinetic #Mancave

: RetroHQ :

January 10th 2019, 11:21:44

Fallout 76 has been so successful that you can now get a CD key for under £10! Now, I can justify spending £10 on it. I couldn't justify the asking price, or even very reduced pre-Christmas price. But now they're virtually giving it away.... it's worth a bash. 😁

: RetroHQ :

January 7th 2019, 23:42:13

Sweet, beautiful isometric Lynx gaming! 😍
#lacimslegacy #atarilynx #softwaredemo as shown at #ejagfest2018

#retromontag #atari #retro #retrogaming #ejagfest #homebrewgame #enthusi #zooperdan

: RetroHQ :

January 7th 2019, 23:39:32

Proper nostalgia hit! Gamesmaster, to my young self, was bloody awesome. 😄
Gamesmaster first hit our screens today in 1992, a massive 27 years ago!

First aired in UK on Channel 4, home of @DominikDiamond, Sir Patrick Moore and of course, the Golden Joystick! It was the first British TV show dedicated to gaming!
#RetroGaming #GamersUnite #sega #nintendo

: RetroHQ :

January 6th 2019, 21:48:39

This is kinda cool!
That moment when you don't get the axial caps values and need to fix it.. do it with a axial2smd.. jaja i just made it and works great as a replacement. #capacitor #smd #axial #retrogaming

: RetroHQ :

January 2nd 2019, 23:09:17

Just finished reading Breaking the Borders. Fantastic read! So many links between demo coders, places and people I didn't know. Like @CronosWarchild visited Microprose in Tetbury right behind my brothers house, or Argonaut where I worked. Although not at times I was there... 🤘🏻

: RetroHQ :

January 1st 2019, 21:56:54

Very professional! I'm impressed.
To whet your appetite, here are two pictures of the new snap lock case we will be shipping the NEOSD Pro in. Big news very, very soon. Personally I think it looks incredible. Like and RT if you are excited for the Pro model!

: RetroHQ :

January 1st 2019, 21:49:55

Oooh a 260ST. I just dug my original 520ST out of the attic for my display shelf. I found I had 4 of them... 😂 I must stop hoarding.
See you later, alligator!
#atari #moving

: RetroHQ :

January 1st 2019, 21:46:39

Now THIS is what style looks like. 😄
Reading 'Zzap!64' while drinking from a 'Commodore Format' mug. I'm such a RETRO-TART! 😉

: RetroHQ :

January 1st 2019, 21:43:17

Lol, given I was trying to de-yellow some key caps the other day, this feels really appropriate!
This took me way longer than it should have #HappyNewYear2019

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