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October 31st 2018, 19:03:24

What a great day at @MicrosoftUK #FutureDecoded event! Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Microsoft Timeline display - we loved talking to you. Looking forward to Day 2 !! #history @MSFTResearchCam @MSFTResearch @Microsoft

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October 28th 2018, 21:31:45

Holy crap, someone used Leisure Suit Larry as a blueprint for a building! I want it... 😂

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October 24th 2018, 18:41:53

This is ace! I love e-ink displays...
I have built an #IoT device with an #ESP8266 and a 7.5" #e_Ink screen. It feeds on 4 AAA batteries, "wakes up" once a day to download via WiFi the latest #xkcd comic and update the image (now set up to download a random one every time for demo & testing) - @xkcdComic

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October 24th 2018, 18:39:24

Oooh, nice. There is a version of the T900 C compiler which works in later OS's than XP. This saves a load of faff with virtual machines and XP installs.
Check out this new development framework for Neo Geo Pocket Color homebrew developers! This is something that has been sorely missed for many years. Thanks to @AMelianRGD

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October 23rd 2018, 22:04:22

Oooooooh! How cycle accurate? Do we get to see full screen effects all working properly? Looks likely from the first pic... 😍 I didn't know there was a cycle accurate 68k soft core.
Cycle-Accurate Atari ST MiSTer Core Released: FX CAST!

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October 23rd 2018, 21:56:08

Mmmm, pretty. I'm a pixel art whore, and I'm not ashamed... 😆
Someone has a weekend, and we are busy with construction here 😊

#madewithunity #SwagAndSorcery #indiedev #pixelart #animation

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October 23rd 2018, 21:20:33

Make this on the speccy! Maybe ZX Next...
#screenshotcaturday 🐱

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October 23rd 2018, 21:17:21

Neat! Although I wouldn't fancy having to populate one... 😆
Very happy to announce NEW #CommodoreAmiga ⌨ A1200 (ReA1200) PCB Motherboards in 4 colours in Red, Blue, Black & White! Available from eBay:
- Limited Quantity! £5 from every sale goes to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital 🌈

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October 16th 2018, 21:15:46

That's funny, you normally get that symbol on apples not pumpkins. Ba-da-Bing. Thank-you, I'm here all night! 😆
Scary AF

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October 16th 2018, 21:10:37

Holy cow, the things Aussies throw out. The best I manage to find skip diving is soggy plasterboard... and this one time, some Tupperware! Oh what a day! 🙄
Dumpster diving!

: RetroHQ :

October 16th 2018, 21:02:34

Looks better than the majority of commercial releases for the Jag! Fantatsic. 😄
Our official announcement and teaser #trailer for an upcoming #hombrew release for the #AtariJaguar . Crescent Memories. Click through the link to get more details and view the trailer. #RetroGaming


October 16th 2018, 19:40:59

BeST #AtariST game ever?
Dungeon Master Atari ST #atari #retrocomputers

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October 12th 2018, 14:20:14

As its Friday... another picture in my "someone else's fantastic artwork converted to a 16 colour STE compatible palette" series. It always amazes me what stunning artwork you can get out of 320x200 and 16 colours from 4096.

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October 11th 2018, 09:30:46

A blast from the past -- Mercury HG. I was behind all the tech of that game from the tools and game engine to the mercury blob handling. Still massively proud of it. The soundtrack from Sugar Jesus was bloody awesome, too. Good times. 🤟

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October 7th 2018, 21:15:01

Man, I love pointy clicky. May have to get his!
The Art of Point and Click Adventure Games: Book Review
@bitmap_books #retrogaming #retrogames @IndieRetroNews

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October 7th 2018, 08:35:20

These are some beauties!
My glossy coasters are better than your glossy coasters! Half of them have been acquired by my dad, need to order more from @rhayadercompute

: RetroHQ :

October 1st 2018, 22:05:07

I still remember creating an auto fire circuit with mine and hooking it up to the left mouse button on my Atari ST with Dungeon Master running. It was to level up a fighter by repeatedly swinging his sword -- can't remember if it worked... lol. 😆
Retweet this is you used to play with one of these when you were a kid!

: RetroHQ :

October 1st 2018, 11:48:44

Ok, this may be the final one -- I've integrated the game detail panel into the marquee section. Its flows better I think. I've included two versions, one with white on black text. I prefer the black text myself, everything seems to gel better.

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