: RetroHQ :

August 31st 2019, 23:10:32

If you’re looking at this expecting something cool to load, you should be following me... 😆

Aᴛᴀʀɪ 😻 Gᴀᴍᴇʀ

August 31st 2019, 11:37:24

We have 9 out of 11 games submitted now. All title screens are revealed now too! This is going to be amazing! 😅👾🥰
#AtariLynx #AtariGamer #RetroGames #RetroGaming #RetroConsoles #GameDev #IndieGames #WPUGamers

: RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 23:00:26

Amiga you say? That looks pretty damn nice.
Metro Siege - HOT NEWS as an incredible Amiga brawler is announced! (Exclusive screenshots/footage!) #retrogaming #gaming #amiga #amigaretweets #gamersunite #gamedev #homebrew #arcade #indiegamedev

: RetroHQ :

August 29th 2019, 20:47:30

Whoever decided output enable on this chip should be active high, not low, should be severely reprimanded and docked a months pay! If I see output enable, and I want it always on, I'm going to tie it to ground without even thinking, right? I hate 0.5mm pitch chip bodge wires! 😬

: RetroHQ :

August 27th 2019, 22:01:47

This is the support you get when you buy a premium product. Problems get investigated and resolved in minutes. 😆

I just want to double check I can replicate the issue and the fix is good, then a new firmware will follow.

Hows the Chinese knock-off support these days? 😝
Just wanted to confirm the bug is what I thought it was. Using the MRQ files will solve the problem. There will be a firmware fix tomorrow. 😄

: RetroHQ :

August 23rd 2019, 22:35:57

People have spoken, it is clear I must work on a Puzzle Bobble style game for the Jaguar. With spinner control! Mmmm, spinner.

I’m saddened by the lack of love for Puzznic, though. Loved that game and have written a couple of clones of it already... 😆
What style of arcade puzzler would you like to see on the Jaguar? Comment if your favourite is not there!

: RetroHQ :

August 23rd 2019, 09:45:34

It's alive! The PC3 is alive! Obligatory removal of anything which might go bang before first power on. Really pleased to have this Atari relic in my possession. 😊

: RetroHQ :

August 20th 2019, 10:49:45

After my little bit of ranting on the negative, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for their unbelievable support during getting this project to release! First units will be shipping around the beginning of next week. 😄

: RetroHQ :

August 20th 2019, 08:42:56

Just bought one of these. Lol. 😆

: RetroHQ :

August 20th 2019, 08:05:54

Yeah, thanks for the support. I can understand things being too expensive and passing, but hoping my livelihood will be destroyed by a knockoff and any hope for further hardware being developed by myself destroyed so you can save £50? Fuck you. 😡

: RetroHQ :

August 19th 2019, 08:18:01

Looks stunning!
"Alpharay" is an R-Type style shoot em up for the Commodore 16 & Plus/4. Created by Stefan Mader (MAD) of Bauknecht fame, it is no suprise that this game is a technical masterpiece. Incredible. Download it for free here:

: RetroHQ :

August 18th 2019, 19:07:35

Loved Rampage on the ST, now coming to an Atari Jaguar near you! Action Fighter I don’t know... 😄
It's that time again #RamAction #AtariJaguar ST port's 3.3 Rampage and Action Fighter. Ordering information here

#RetroGames #RET
#RetroGames #RET

#RetroGames #RETROGAMING #gaming #Retro

: RetroHQ :

August 17th 2019, 07:33:06

@ElizabethFlux I’m

20 GOTO 10


: RetroHQ :

August 15th 2019, 22:15:44

NGPC backlight mod under $50?! Blimey! I might have to get me one of those. The screen does look at tad smaller, but, meh, it’s back lit! 👌
Oh snap, a Neo Geo Pocket backlight install? No friggin way! Finally, you’ll never play your NGP games in the dark again!

: RetroHQ :

August 9th 2019, 21:39:47

For me this is like the spectrum next. I just don’t see the point in it. I want to... but I just can’t. If I want something fast, I’ll use a PC. If I want something original, I’ll use my old machines. This just sits in some odd limbo place for me. Am I the only one thinking this?
RT if you also cannot wait for this baby to materialise.
@MEGA65Retro #Commodore #C64 #C65 #retrogaming

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