: RetroHQ :

December 19th 2018, 18:53:56

Seriously awesome. Plugging proper controllers into the MiSTer for some real low-latency fun!
LL Cool Joy: MiSTer Native-Controller Board Prototype. @AshEvans81 has it running.

: RetroHQ :

December 18th 2018, 09:33:23

This is awesome! You really should be able to buy booby-trapped packages as gifts for local thieves. Although I'm sure there's some law against stopping criminals these days... 🙄
Revenge On Package Thieves: Hacker Makes A Special Delivery

: RetroHQ :

December 17th 2018, 22:06:49

#hotchocolate #pixel_dailies @Pixel_Dailies

*HOT* chocolate. 40x40.

First stab at isometric-ish. 😄

: RetroHQ :

December 16th 2018, 20:41:32

@Uncle_Jody That is awesome! The Sierra adventure games were a massive part of my youth and I still love the old EGA art from LSL1 / SQ1 / PQ1 era. It's amazing what you could do with 160x200 graphics!

: RetroHQ :

December 16th 2018, 15:46:39

That's a bit sad. As much as I wondered about the legalities of this, it's such a unique thing to have original, commented source code for such an iconic game.
Classic Game Developer Forced to Pull Game Source Code Auctions

: RetroHQ :

December 16th 2018, 15:09:12

New things just keep appearing! Where the hell have they been hiding all these years? 😮
Yes, that's an Amiga 500 in a SX-64 case, called SX-500, apparently created by Hedley Davis back when working at Commodore. It truly was the Wild West of the computer age.

: RetroHQ :

December 14th 2018, 22:53:42

#na16 #pixel_dailies #unicorn @Pixel_Dailies

I need to attend horse anatomy classes... 🤣

(and Twitter classes, 3rd time lucky at posting correctly!)

: RetroHQ :

December 14th 2018, 21:04:28

I did not know this!! 😮
Did you know there was a C65 without a floppy drive, called C65CC? Even in 2018, Commodore still has surprises for us. Amazing! @jeriellsworth

: RetroHQ :

December 13th 2018, 12:22:45

Quick first attempt at some pixel art. 64x64 using NA16 palette. Strangely relaxing. 😆
#fireplace #pixel_dailies @Pixel_Dailies

: RetroHQ :

December 12th 2018, 21:31:55

Mmm, this I like. Really clean looking.
Started working on a still unnamed #pokemon-like monster collection / battle game this week. Here are some monsters I designed and drew using the excellent #NA16 palette provided by @Namatnieks. #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #aseprite #gms #gamemaker

: RetroHQ :

December 12th 2018, 09:04:14

@SmokeMonsterTWI Yes, 7800 comes after Jaguar. I need something simple and quick to give me a break! 😆

: RetroHQ :

December 11th 2018, 18:39:14

Look! A proper floppy drive emulator for the X68000 machines! The Japanese to English translations from Google are pretty good, and there is hardware available from the link below. Requires some kind of proxy ordering though, as they don't ship internationally.

: RetroHQ :

December 11th 2018, 16:33:04

From nothing to this level of pixel-hackery in 12 months?! Wtf? Hmm, I feel this could be a challenge for myself given this kind of inspiration. Although with my drawing abilities, I'm not holding my breath. 🤔
its been about a year now since i started art! 😃 though i only learned pixel art >.> #pixelart #ドット絵

: RetroHQ :

December 10th 2018, 21:11:38

Looking good! The Lynx could do with a decent RPG. Amazingly capable bit of hardware.
Atari Lynx to Receive New RPG Lacim’s Legacy, Currently in Development

: RetroHQ :

December 9th 2018, 20:38:51

How the f*ck is everyone so talented at pixel art these days?! Makes me sick. In a good way. 😁
Heres some #SmashBros fan art to celebrate its release

#pixelart #gameart #SmashUltimate #Nintendo #fanart

: RetroHQ :

December 9th 2018, 20:22:58

So many Atari ST games I missed! I've never seen this one before, and it doesn't look bad. A bit of a Bitmap Brothers palette going on.
"Motörhead", a beat'em up developed by Kaitsu Software and released by Virgin Games in 1992 for the Atari ST on video here : youtube.com/watch?v=fQDrwb… You are Lemmy, leader of the heavy metal band Motörhead and you must retrieve your fellow band members #retrogaming #atari #atarist


December 9th 2018, 17:05:50

Nice progress on the #Atari ST version of Athanor 2 project, driven by @3615Athanor #pixelart #screenshotsaturday #gamedev (#Amiga version following closely)

: RetroHQ :

December 8th 2018, 22:05:53

Wow, I never played this. It looks awesome! I hope it plays as well as it looks...
"Rallye Cross Challenge", a racing game created by Ultra Graphix Productions and released by Anco Software on the Atari ST in 1989 on video here : youtube.com/watch?v=rqEU0v… #retrogaming #atari #atarist

: RetroHQ :

December 8th 2018, 12:51:53

Nice! I'm getting obsessed with nixies again. Planning my clock in my head. I have the in12 tubes and drivers, need to actually build this thing!
Thanks to @BadDogDesigns_ for my new nixie clock, love it!! Also hats off to @Lord_Arse for posting his and helping me discover something I knew nothing about till now

: RetroHQ :

December 6th 2018, 14:59:28

@giz_graham @Elininis @RetEvents @retrogamesearch @retrogaminggeek @RetroDetect @RetroGamersClub @RetroGamer_Mag @Retromash @retrogamergirls @MEATliquorLDS Used to love Chuckie Egg on the CPC, not sure if I even played it on the Speccy! 🙂 I remember Movie being a favorite on Speccy, along with Knight Tyme and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. A lot of fun was had on the Speccy!

: RetroHQ :

December 5th 2018, 22:17:57

Is it just me, or does seeing artwork like this just make you want to write ZX Spectrum games? 😬
Hey, guys! Long time no see... I'm practising #1bit stuff c:
#pixelart #gamedev #indiedev

: RetroHQ :

December 4th 2018, 10:42:08

Two books I've been meaning to get but haven't yet -- now on my Christmas requests list to go along with some of the great Bitmap Books works! If you've not got your ST demo scene books yet, now's the time! Tis the season, and all... 🎄
CHRISTMAS SALE 🎇 @microzeit Save 15%, Code “holybeyond15”. You don’t get more Atari heart in a book 🕹🖱💾🛠💣💣💣⚔👊👥🕵️‍♂️🤩...

: RetroHQ :

December 3rd 2018, 22:50:35

Wow, that is beautiful. 😍

If those buildings are dumb, I have to say I must love dumb stuff. Looks bloody awesome. If I ever manage to pixel anything to that level I'd be over the moon.
Still dorking around with top down buildings... They're dumb and should be banned.

: RetroHQ :

December 3rd 2018, 11:16:01

Cor, @imranyusuf actually worked in testing on two games I worked on with Super Monkey Ball Adventures and Squeeballs Party. He is one of an elite bunch who played Squeeballs Party on the Wii, I don't think there were that many pressed. Good game though! 😀

: RetroHQ :

December 2nd 2018, 20:05:10

Lol, wtf?! Where can I get one? 😂


: RetroHQ :

December 1st 2018, 20:31:43

And on tonight's theme (so it would seem!) there are some die shot canvas prints for sale from Quazar. I was actually looking for a link to this earlier, and failed, then a tweet just showed up. Magic. Christmas presents? Hmmm. 🤔
@DatassetteUser Now that looks brilliant! The SID is a wonderful soundchip. Back in 2003 (and revised in 2014) I released an interface to use SID on the SAM Coupe computer. Also recently had one decapped to photo the silicon for canvas prints > /

: RetroHQ :

December 1st 2018, 20:16:41

I'm a big fan of Easter eggs, and also find chip die shots amazing... combine the two and you get things like this! Super miniature art. Sweet!

: RetroHQ :

December 1st 2018, 13:48:41

I'd forgotten about this! There's a version of PacMania which is running, although a bit chuggy in places. Would make a very interesting base for a Jaguar version @CJ_Reboot... 🤔
@TheRetroHQ Ports of x68000 games came to the Falcon030 just recently

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