New Site and Shop

The new site and shop are live at I’m in the process of moving to this new site, but just need to sort out how I’m handling moving all of the existing pre-orders over. So head on over there…

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RetroHQ Update

What is the RetroHQ? Where is it going? Find out more here…

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An Interview with RetroVideoGamer

The chaps at RetroVideoGamer were kind enough to take some time out to do an interview with me!

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Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge: Update #5

Latest updates on the Jaguar SD cartridge. Mostly tidying up lose ends on firmware update, and concentrating on getting the game selection menu and other end user functionality working fully.

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Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge: Update #4

The latest cartridge PCB revision has fixed the instability issues, so this is now basically a full cartridge emulation solution for the Atari Jaguar.

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Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge: Update #3

First look at selecting and loading games from the SD card with a menu and demonstration of the protected boot sector for recovery.

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Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge: Update #2

The Jaguar SD hardware is now running games! This is proof of concept for loading games from a micro SD card on the cartridge and running them entirely from the Jaguar and cartridge alone.

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NeoGeo Pocket FLASH SD Firmware V1.01

A new version of the NGPSD firmware is available!

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Atari Jaguar SD Cartridge

Progress is being made on the Atari Jaguar SD cartridge. It’s now at the basic fail-safe state of booting code from the on-board FLASH chip.

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Are FLASH carts safe?!

To cut a long story short, all my carts are designed properly. But it seems a lot of carts out there are either a bit questionable or downright dodgy.

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