• SainT posted an update in the group Group logo of NeoGeo Pocket SD SupportNeoGeo Pocket SD Support 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    If you have any problems or questions regarding the NeoGeo Pocket SD FLASH cartridge, please post them here!

    • Matt replied 2 months ago

      How do we go about buying one of these mate? I did pre order it I think but not herd anything. :(

      • I am working my way through the pre-order list, but it’s quite long and I’m not managing to shift them out that quickly at the moment! I will get to you… :)

        • Matt replied 2 months ago

          Ahh! Mate your a diamond! Totally appreciate it! Also Dying to get one of your Jaguar (NeoSD like) carts, looks incredible! Cant wait for you to get them out to us! Well done mate, keep that good work up, ur a megastar! MJ